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Flood water removal & restoration services

Many companies in the Live Music Capital of the World® claim to be prompt, but we mean it. The longer water saturates your floors, walls, and furniture, the worse your damage will become. To alleviate your stress and minimize destruction, call our staff. Our team of certified technicians provides dependable water damage restoration and flood removal services to homes in Austin, TX. We will arrive at your location in 60 minutes or less. You’ll never have to worry about professionalism or accurate work. The staff at our restoration company stand by our guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction.

Backed-up sewage draining, cracked or leaking water heaters, and slab leaks can throw a wrench in your daily routine. Not only are these significant and potentially costly issues, but they can also be mentally and emotionally draining. Our solution? Explore the diverse entertainment districts of Austin while the staff at our company mitigates and restores your home.


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Dry FOrce Services

Dry Force offers a range of water restoration services. From storm damage to overflowing toilets, commercial buildings to single-family residential homes, no project is too big or too small. Select a tile to learn more about the specific water damage restoration and  service we offer:

Why Homeowners in Austin Choose Dry Force

- 24/7 emergency assistance
- 60-minute response times
- Upfront pricing, no hidden fees
- Industry-leading moisture extraction technology
- Superior customer service

- Advanced dehumidification and sanitization processes
- Assistance filing your insurance claim
- 100% satisfaction guaranteed
- IICRC certified technician

See What Our Customers Think

Robert Barrera, Jr.
Robert Barrera, Jr.
23:02 31 Mar 21
Brandon Hayward personally responded to my request when I felt the response was taking too long. Brandon was very... professional and thoroughly inspected the damaged area and offered recommendations. I appreciate his patience in hearing my concerns and understanding my situation. Brandon has excellent soft skills and represents Dry Force very more
Mark B
Mark B
22:29 31 Mar 21
The whole experience was delightful. Everyone was professional, polite, and performed exactly as promised . They came... quickly, arrived on time, and did a great job. I most heartily recommend this company. I wish more companies were as efficient and more
Onya Keel
Onya Keel
17:33 25 Feb 21
Dry Force personnel went above and beyond to assure the water damage we incurred was dried out in a very timely... fashion. We dealt with four different individuals and have to say every one of them was courteous, professional and reassuring. If you ever need restoration services don’t hesitate to contact them. You will be very glad you more
Jon Cargo
Jon Cargo
20:07 26 Jan 21
Our office had a water line rupture in the attic over the weekend. We came in on Monday morning with more than 2 inches... of water throughout the majority of the office. We called another well known company and they started the clean up, but by day 4 it was clear that they were the wrong choice. We fired them and called Dry Force on a Friday afternoon, and they said they would be happy to take over the job. We wanted desperately to be in a place to be able to open for business on Monday and their team made it happen! They were super professional and understood the pressure of a small business and the need to get back to work. Their team worked all through the weekend well past 10:00pm removing all the waterlogged walls that the other company failed to identify and got us successfully dried out and ready for business. Then their reconstruction company was excellent. Chris was a pleasure to work with and coordinated with our office to work during the nights and weekend to get us put back together. The job was huge and I thought it would take months to rebuild but they were able to get it done in a couple of weeks. The entire time they were very professional and considerate on minimizing the impact on our business. The attention to detail and craftsman's ship was top notch. They worked extensively with our insurance company to make sure that we got all our damages covered. I cannot recommend them enough and wish I went with them the first time. Thank you Dry Force for saving us!read more
Tina Kraft
Tina Kraft
20:21 24 Oct 20
We had a water leak in the roof while on vacation. They came same day and started the drying process. Very... knowledgeable techs and they make sure you know exactly what time they will be there. Very pleasant company to work with considering the more
Kristi Ruble
Kristi Ruble
00:47 20 Oct 20
My washer hose caused a small flood event upstairs and into my lower level. I called Dry a Force out and they responded... & quickly dispatched a crew. They were attentive and explained the whole process. All techs were polite and professional. Andy, Stockton and Brandon were all great. They set realistic expectations and answered all my questions. A lot of questions. The office team is very good at communicating and keeping me informed along the way. I had concerns on day 2 and Brandon was dispatched again and was here in less than an hour. They made me feel at ease and I am extremely grateful for their work. I highly recommend Dry Force for any water remediation more
Johanna Bonno
Johanna Bonno
22:11 13 Oct 20
They were very professional and pleasant giving us step by step information. Was very impressed!
Ebolving Everyday
Ebolving Everyday
22:59 28 Aug 20
I really appreciate the service that I received from this company today. I called after concerns that another water... mitigation company did not properly mitigate water damage from a tub overflow a few weeks ago. The technician that showed up gave his honest assessment of the job even after realizing that the additional work I needed done did not meet their minimum requirement to actually finish the mitigation job. However, in the area that still had moisture he sprayed some microbial agent to prevent mold growth and made recommendations on what I could do to get rid of the rest of the moisture. I hope to not have a water mitigation issue again, but I’d definitely call them if I did to get the work done. In my experience dealing with previous contractors, most are so concerned about profiting from your unfortunate situation that they forget about actually providing a quality service to the customer. It was so refreshing to find this company after dealing with several money hungry contractors in the past that have taken my money and left me with many more problems. I highly recommend this company and concur with the many great reviews I saw that led me to finding this company. *grateful*read more
22:15 04 Aug 20
We some leaks in our roof. The tech came out and was able to determine we had no lasting damage in our walls and the... insulation was dry. He answered all my questions and more
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Elements like wind, hail, lightning, and water can inflict damage on your home and your sense of well-being. Our team of technicians offer storm or water damage restoration services for homes and business in Austin, TX. Whether by hurricane, tornado, flood, or a damaging line of storms, severe weather can leave behind a devastating trail of destruction. Give our staff a call by phone to book an appointment and receive assistance with water damage.

Storms happen at the most inconvenient times for homeowners. Storms can affect the overall structural damage to your property, your home, and/or your business. Dangerous storms can be unsettling, devastating, and even in some cases, lethal. In severe cases, do not hesitate to contact our team to receive help with flood damage restoration. We provide around the clock care for the most significant natural disasters for homes. If the situation seems more life-threatening, you may want to contact the authorities for help.To help put your life back together during these stressful events, Dry Force offers storm damage restoration services for homeowners and commercial facilities in Austin, TX. At Dry Force, our goal is to get things back to how they were, as quickly as possible, restoring your property's safety and integrity.

Crawlspace Drying Services

A crawlspace is often out of sight, out of mind. The importance of this open area under a house is often underestimated. While this area receives little human interaction, property owners need to understand the vital importance of keeping crawl spaces dry, waterproof, and well-maintained. Our team offers reliable water and flood removal services in Austin, TX. Our technicians have the tools necessary to remove moisture from your crawlspace. 

A crawlspace can affect your house. Most people never check the crawlspace, only to later learn too late after the damage is done. Heavy rainfall, flash floods, and broken sprinklers often cause crawlspace damage. However, a sewer or kitchen drain line leak can cause standing water to collect under your house, causing a sinking foundation, rotting wood, musty odors, and toxic mold. Wet crawlspaces cause large repair bills and property value loss.

Sewer Backup Services

When a sewage backup occurs or overflows into your home, it may do more than just physical damage. A sewer backup stems from a storm runoff or breakdown in a neighborhood sewer system. Our team of technicians offers exceptional water damage and sewer backup restoration services for homes and commercial facilities in Austin, TX. The waste in your sewer system contains bacteria and viruses that could make you and your family sick. Give our staff a call to receive support with a sewage backup.

Some possible causes for sewage blockages are soil settlement, misaligned joints, root infiltration, pipe collapses, grease buildups, or items flushed down a drain. No matter the reason, when raw sewage backs up into your sink, tubs, or even on the floor, don't tackle this project alone. You need a team of experts to come immediately and provide a solution. The professional damage restoration technicians at Dry Force offer sewer backup cleanup services to help you restore the safety of your house. Our team will clean up the mess, hinder mold growth, eliminate foul odors, and disinfect and sterilize the damaged area for your safety.

Flood Damage Restoration Services

Floods come in different degrees and volumes from various sources. Whether it is caused by weather conditions or something internal like a busted pipe, it can be a devastating hardship for any family and not to mention dangerous. Our technicians provide innovative flood damage restoration and water removal services to homeowners and businesses in Austin, TX. Give our specialists a call to receive help with mild to severe moisture or water damage.

The different degrees of flooding can affect how the impacted area is treated for damage and how it is reported to insurance agencies for accurate documentation. With Dry Force's assistance, we can identify the degree of flooding damage that has impacted your home because we employ certified trained professionals to handle any job, big or small. It doesn't matter if it's from a plumbing leak or massive hurricane; we can help restore your home to its original form.
signs of house flooding

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can cause various types of issues such as mold growth, major structural issues, and basement flooding problems. Our team of contractors offer flood damage restoration solutions for burst pipes in Austin, TX. We are committed to removing excess water in your living space and will collaborate with you on ways to avoid future complications.
Burst Pipe

Plumbing Leaks

The last thing that anybody wants to deal with is an indoor flood caused by an overflowing toilet. Panic sets in as you watch the water flow over the sides of the wall onto the floor, flooding your house. If the bathroom is upstairs, there goes your downstairs ceiling. 

Water invading your living space is bad enough, but it is disheartening when you realize the actual damages it may cause. Water damage can weaken wood, corrode metals, ruin walls, flooring, carpet, promote mold growth, become electrical and fire hazards, and secrete a musty smell. The unsanitary toilet water may also cause health risks and a potential for more significant damages.

Roof Leaks

Water stains on the ceiling and dripping water is the most significant sign of a leaky roof. Though it does not sound threatening, leaks in the roof can lead to problems. If untreated, you can expect the leaks from the top to peel paint or plaster on nearby walls. A leaky roof can also cause shortages on hung lights and ceiling fans. We offer reliable water damage restoration services to households and businesses in Austin, TX for roof leaks. Schedule an appointment with our staff to prevent damaged ceiling joists and exterior trim.
Roof Leak

Appliance Leaks

When your appliances leak, it is a devastating experience. Appliance leaks often come from dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and garbage disposals. No matter the cause of the leak, water damage is the most common form of property damage.

Water Damage Services in Austin, TX

We offer fast and convenient flood damage restoration services for malfunctioning appliances. Moisture gets trapped in the walls, concrete, carpet fibers, wood, and drywall, potentially allowing for dangerous mold growth. To prevent this and other future problems, call Dry Force.
Water Damage Restoration