water damage on floor

Initial Loss Discovered

Timeframe: Dry Force is dispatched within 60 minutes of initial call

Once a water loss is discovered, we strive to be on-site to start the water mitigation process within 60 minutes!

Next Step | Assessment

water damage probe


Timeframe: 90 - 120 minutes after the initial call

Next Step | Equipment Setup

Once on-site, a complete assessment is done to identify all the affected materials. Dry Force utilizes moisture meters; digital thermal cameras and hammer probes to identify wet areas; both surface and behind walls.


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Equipment Setup

Timeframe: 120-180 minutes after the initial call

Dry Force utilizes the newest and most efficient equipment on the market. Dri-Eaz Velo's are quieter, have a smaller footprint and utilize less power than the older, larger fans.

Next Step | rms

dehumidification, direct airflow


Timeframe: Dry Force takes remotely-monitored readings every 5 minutes

Dry Force is an expert in Remote Monitoring with the ability to take readings every 5 minutes, ensuring that you have proper documentation to prove your property is dried effectively. Additionally, we do not have to interrupt your day with an in person monitor of moisture levels.

final Step | documentation



Timeframe: 3-5 days to completely dry out the affected space.

Dry Force provides extensive documentation to property owners upon completion of a job. This includes readings from our remote monitoring system and pictures from start to finish. Documentation provided after.

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Remote Monitoring