Mold Remediation

Let’s state the obvious—mold is gross. musty, toxic, and sometimes difficult to detect. By the time you discover mold spores in your home or business, it could have already spread to multiple rooms and surfaces. Whether caused by small plumbing leaks or a natural flood, water damage of any size can create the warm and moist environment conducive to mold growth. We offer fast and convenient mold remediation and removal services to homes in Texas.

If your home or business has had water damage and you didn’t seek professional drying services, you may have mold growth. Contact our team of mold remediation experts for a free consultation. Our staff offers reliable mold removal solutions to homeowners in areas of Texas such as Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. We will have a remediation expert reach out to consult on the property’s needs.

Once your property is evaluated, Dry Force mold removal specialists will quickly and efficiently cleanse and mitigate your property. For nearly 20 years, we’ve properly removed mold from commercial and residential establishments. Our remediation experts will ensure the area is free of contaminants, work with your insurance company, and take steps to prevent spores from repopulating.

How Long Does Mold Remediation Take?

Every mold remediation project is unique, and how long it takes to get a house back to to a normal state again depends on the size and severity of the contamination. However, the typical mold clean-up process takes somewhere between 10-15 days.


If you or your loved ones think your property has mold, contact Dry Force for a professional mold remediation inspection. We’ll assess your property and begin remediation as soon as possible.

Review our process:

  • Secure the Area
    • To prevent spores from spreading or cross contaminating unaffected rooms, we’ll seal off the impacted area with heavy plastic sheeting. While using state of the art HEPA air purifiers to clean mold and dust from the air.
  • Remove Unsalvageable Materials 
    • Did you know mold can not be 100% cleaned from walls or carpets; even with bleach. Our certified technicians offer dependable mold remediation solutions and have the experience to correctly remove the materials that can not be saved, and clean what can.
  • Cleanup
    • Now that the visible mold has been removed, our experts begin deep cleaning every nook and cranny where spores might have hidden. Using HEPA vacuums, broad spectrum cleaners like antimicrobials, fungicides, and disinfectants, and an unmatched attention to detail.
  • Remove Water
    • Dry Force technicians use commercial-grade water extraction tools and dehumidifiers to eliminate lingering moisture that lends to mold growth. Utilizing the best moisture detection technology on the market to ensure that no water is left behind.
  • Repair
    • Dry Force is a full-service contractor that after your home has a clean bill of health can put everything back to its pre-loss condition.


Let Dry Force help you recover from excessive water damage. For your convenience, we provide the following services:

  • Upfront pricing, no hidden fees
  • Removal of "Unsalvageable" materials
  • Industry-leading moisture extraction technology
  • Superior customer service
  • Advanced dehumidification and sanitization processes
  • Assistance filling your insurance claim
  • IIRC certified technicians
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Why Choose Dry Force?

Dry Force is here to help restore your home and your peace of mind from damage caused by tornadoes, hail, hurricanes, floods, and everything in between. Below are just a few reasons why customers in Texas trust Dry Force with their storm damage restoration projects:

Emergency Response Services

Dry Force offers 24/7/365 storm and water damage services so that you can get the help you need, no matter the time of day.
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1-Hour Response Time

Everyone says they offer quick response times. Well, we mean it. With a fleet of over 45 vehicles and a team of restoration specialists on standby, ready to assist you, Dry Force guarantees rapid response times, helping you fix the damage done to your home or business as quickly as possible.
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We Work with All Insurance Companies On Your Behalf

We work as an advocate on your behalf, serving your best interests and not those of your insurance company. Our team provides reputable mold removal services and is committed to working with all insurance companies to help you get your restoration project completed in a timely fashion.

Technology and Documentation

From remote water level monitoring to 3D/virtual mapping, text-message ETAs, and mobile job-site documentation technology, we utilize the latest and most effective tools to help you visualize the scope of your storm damage restoration project.
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The Dry Force Advantage



Integrity is at the core of our business, starting with our background-checked and professionally trained and certified technicians.



We let our reputation do the talking for us. But don't take our word for it, search us on Google and read our reviews. We aren't satisfied unless you are.



Over a decade of experience, with 40,000+ water restoration projects and 6,000+ water reconstruction projects completed.



1-Hour response time. Everyone says it, but we mean it. Our technicians arrive on-time, ready to assess damage and help you restore the places you call home and work.



At Dry Force, we don't leave our customers waiting. Our technicians show up when they say they will and utilize SMS texting to notify you the they are on the way.



From Matterport, to Company Cam, to Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS), we use the latest technology to ensure your water damage restoration and mitigation job is done right.


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Water Damage Services

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Standing water can cause permanent damage. Act now and let Dry Force prevent the damage from getting worse. Some of the common services we perform are listed below. Select a tile to learn more about the specific service we offer: