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Living in Texas comes with its perks—great food, culture, and weather, to name a few. However, Texas is no stranger to extreme weather. Whether you have experienced a flood, a burst pipe, or a different type of water disaster, our team is available to help.

We are the trusted water damage restoration team across Texas. Our team of professionals offers comprehensive water damage assessments for homes and commercial properties in areas such as Houston, San Antonio, Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, and Austin. Give our technicians a call at (877) 589-7504 to receive an estimate for water damage on your property.

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11 Critical Water Damage Assessment Steps

Just experienced water damage? Don’t wait until it’s too late. Once water infiltrates your home, we have to take the right steps to prevent any further damage from happening. Otherwise, you could be facing costly repairs down the line.

The most important part of our water damage assessment process is water mitigation, which includes stopping the water source, identifying the water type, removing the water, and salvaging furniture.

Here is a explanation of our water damage assessment steps:

1. Find and Stop the Water Source

The first and most important step in our assessment process is to find and stop the water. If the water damage is coming from a burst pipe or appliance, we will shut off the water and turn off the appliance to stop more water from accumulating.

2. Identify the Type of Water Damage

Next, our team will identify the type of water category and classification to determine the best way to approach cleanup. Types of contamination include Category One, Two, and Three. Water classified as Category Two or Three means the water contains harmful pollutants or heavy metals.

3. Survey the Severity of Water Damage and Inspect the Property

After we have determined the water type and classification, we will survey the severity of water damage on your property. Performing a water damage inspection allows us to come up with an action plan that best fits your water damage situation. We will also look for any safety concerns such as lead or asbestos.

4. Move or Block Furniture

Your furniture is a central part of your home. This is why we do everything we can to salvage your belongings and save your furniture from water damage. You can expect the Dry Force team to either move or block any furniture to prevent it from staining or rusting.

5. Inspect Damaged Components

Water that comes in contact with electrical components is a recipe for an electrical fire. When our team assesses the water damage in your home, we will take a look and address any electrical hazards, broken appliances, or damaged flooring.

6. Our Team Will Take Photos

As our team is creating a water damage estimate for your property, our technicians will take ample photos. We do this to document the disaster and provide said documentation to you at the end of the service. Photos can also be incredibly beneficial to property managers and insurance companies.

7. Suggested Repairs

What area of your property saw the most damage? We consider this when determining what repairs are necessary. Our team may need to replace your carpet, flooring, or even walls to ensure all of the damage has been addressed.

8. Water Removal

Once we have made the suggested repairs, we will get to work on removing all water from your property. Our team of professionals offer exceptional water damage assessments and restoration services in San Antonio, TX and will utilize high-powered fans to remove excess moisture in your house.

We will also use heavy-duty vacuums to eliminate all standing water and moisture from your home, leaving no chance of mold growth.

9. Cleaning

Dry Force thoroughly cleans and disinfects your property following water removal. We will use a specially formulated disinfectant solution to kill any germs or harmful bacteria left over from damage caused by Gray or Black water.

10. Drying

We are almost at the finish line. Dry Force uses powerful fans to dry your home from any lingering moisture. Our team may use ceiling fans and dehumidifiers as well as open up windows for extra airflow and drying power.

11. Structural Repairs

Once the previous steps are complete, our team will get to work on repairing and reconstructing your home in Houston, TX back to its original condition. This is the part where we will remove walls, floors, ceilings, and anything else that may have been damaged by the water.

24/7 Water Damage Estimates and Assessments for Homes or Businesses

Dry Force has been the go-to water damage mitigation and restoration team across Texas for over 20 years. From inspections to water cleanup, we have had a proven track record of delivering the best water damage services for the Lone Star State.

We know water damage can strike when you least expect it. This is why Dry Force is available 24/7 year-round to handle your toughest water disasters. As a certified IICRC organization, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. Contact our professionals to receive an assessment for your property.

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Brian Ousley
Brian Ousley
July 26, 2023.
Ace showed up on time for the consultation and was very professional and friendly. He was very detailed in his inspection. He did not find any water damage. I highly recommend this company.
Elaine Andrepont
Elaine Andrepont
July 26, 2023.
Totally satisfied with DRY FORCE water removal systems. Each and every person that called to schedule appointments or visited my home for removing water were professional. Dry Force, workers upon entering my home showed respect while they they took the time to protect the integrity of my home with politeness, care and consideration for my safety. So pleased with their professionalism, I wholeheartedly recommend Dry Force as your number 1, go to source for your home. I’m extremely happy that my brother recommended Bill & Cody for whom highly recommended Dry Force to me. ELaine Therese Andrepont ETA🌹
Deborah Mullen
Deborah Mullen
July 25, 2023.
Nick W. was very quick and has great customer service!
Court Monroe (Courtbel2011)
Court Monroe (Courtbel2011)
July 25, 2023.
They were amazing! 100% recommend!
greg corley
greg corley
July 23, 2023.
Nick w was thorough in his explanations
David Bader
David Bader
July 22, 2023.
Nick W. Very professional. Explained everything in detail and helped with insurance company. Highly recommended.

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Water damage can be devastating—but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to Dry Force, our team of experienced professionals will be on your property in less than an hour to mitigate the water damage and get to work on repairing your home. Whether it’s a leaky roof, a burst pipe, or Mother Nature, our team brings the skills needed to get your space back to normal.

Just faced a water damage disaster? Give our team a call at (877) 589-7504 to receive assistance. Our team of technicians offers comprehensive water damage assessments for homeowners and businesses in areas of Texas including Frisco, Austin, McKinney, Plano, Houston, the Woodlands, and San Antonio. Our professionals will help restore safety and comfort in your house.