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Between leaky appliances and pipe bursts, water can cause a lot of damage. When water damage strikes your home or business, turn to the restoration specialists you can trust at Dry Force.

Our crew offers free water damage estimates and emergency repairs throughout areas of Texas including Houston, San Antonio, West Spring, Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, Arlington, and Austin. Contact our team at (877) 589-7504 to receive support with damage on your property.

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Why The Woodlands Homeowners Choose Dry Force

Based on 1626 reviews
Brian Ousley
Brian Ousley
July 26, 2023.
Ace showed up on time for the consultation and was very professional and friendly. He was very detailed in his inspection. He did not find any water damage. I highly recommend this company.
Elaine Andrepont
Elaine Andrepont
July 26, 2023.
Totally satisfied with DRY FORCE water removal systems. Each and every person that called to schedule appointments or visited my home for removing water were professional. Dry Force, workers upon entering my home showed respect while they they took the time to protect the integrity of my home with politeness, care and consideration for my safety. So pleased with their professionalism, I wholeheartedly recommend Dry Force as your number 1, go to source for your home. I’m extremely happy that my brother recommended Bill & Cody for whom highly recommended Dry Force to me. ELaine Therese Andrepont ETA🌹
Deborah Mullen
Deborah Mullen
July 25, 2023.
Nick W. was very quick and has great customer service!
Court Monroe (Courtbel2011)
Court Monroe (Courtbel2011)
July 25, 2023.
They were amazing! 100% recommend!
greg corley
greg corley
July 23, 2023.
Nick w was thorough in his explanations
David Bader
David Bader
July 22, 2023.
Nick W. Very professional. Explained everything in detail and helped with insurance company. Highly recommended.

Water Damage Estimates in San Antonio, TX

Receive a Free Estimate for Water and Flood Damage

It’s hard to stay calm when you face a flood, especially in your own home. Flood damage can not only destroy your most valuable assets, but it can wreck your peace of mind. With 24/7 emergency repairs and a 60-minute response time, you can count on the team at Dry Force to show up in a snap.

Our technicians offer free estimates and are able to handle entire house floods of all sizes caused by sources like:

  • Slab leaks
  • Appliance leaks
  • Rising floodwaters
  • Clogged rain gutters
  • Storm surges
  • Major plumbing leaks
storm damage

Storm Damage Repair and Restoration

Texas is no stranger to bad weather conditions. Even though we can’t stop Mother Nature, we can clean up her messes. Dry Force has been there for some of the worst storms throughout Texas—so when your home or business is impacted by storm damage, you know who to call.

Count on our technicians to take care of damage caused by situations like:

  • Hurricanes
  • Flood damage
  • Torrential rain
  • Roof leaks
  • Surging floodwaters
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9 Ways to Respond to a Leaking Roof Vent

Roof Leak Water Damage Repair Services

That stain in the corner of your ceiling shouldn’t be ignored. Ceiling stains and dripping water are a surefire sign that you have a roof leak somewhere. Small leaks can turn into big problems, so contact our professionals to receive a free water damage estimate. Our staff will inspect, address, and repair your roof leak before it becomes a big financial burden.

Our team handles roof leak damage caused by situations like:

  • Excess rainwater
  • Melting snow
  • Storm water damage
  • Ice dam leaks
  • Clogged gutters
dry force van

Sewer Backup Water Damage Cleanup Services

If you are not already pinching your nose in disgust at a sewer backup, the mold growth and pest problems will. Sewer backups lead to a slew of issues that can compromise your home and your health.

When your plumbing system malfunctions, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Dry Force is available 24 hours a day to provide emergency water damage cleanup services for sewer backups.

Our IICRC-certified team addresses sewer backups caused by various categories of water damage in a house.

Category 2 Damage (Grey Water Cleanup)

  • Contains microorganisms that may be harmful to humans
  • Causes range from washing machine overflows to drain leaks

Category 3 Damage (Black Water Cleanup)

  • Severely contaminated and unsanitary water containing harmful bacteria
  • Usually caused by storm surge flooding and sewage
Burst Pipe

Burst Pipe Cleanup and Mitigation Services

Most pipes burst when the temperature drops below 20 degrees. However, frozen water isn’t the only reason why pipes burst. Pipes can burst as a result of drain clogs, old age, tree roots, and even poor installation. Unfortunately, most pipes burst while you are away at work or on vacation.

If you’ve discovered a burst pipe in your home or business, count on Dry Force to clean up the mess. Our team handles entire pipe burst damage caused by, but not limited to:

Our team handles roof leak damage caused by situations like:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Corroded pipes
  • High water pressure
  • Deteriorated pipes
  • Supply line breaks
Dry Force

Crawl Space Water Damage Services

Many homeowners overlook their crawl spaces and rarely inspect them for water damage. However, the presence of water in your crawl space can turn into bigger issues, including mold, rot, unpleasant odors, and even a compromised foundation. These issues often result in costly repairs and a decline in property value.

Dry Force handles crawl space drying cleanup caused by, but not limited to:

  • Sewer drain leaks
  • Kitchen drain line leaks
  • Sprinkler leak flooding
  • Flooding from natural sources

Water Damage Assessments and Free Estimates

Food, culture, and great weather attract new Texas residents every year. Even though Texas does come with its share of perks, this great state is no stranger to bad weather conditions. If your home or business was impacted by a severe storm, our team will travel to your property to offer support.

Once on your property, our staff can provide free water damage estimates and damage assessments. After we inspect your property, we will perform the following steps to restore safety to your home or commercial property:


Survey the Severity of Water Damage

After identifying the water type and classification, we inspect the extent of the damage. Safety concerns like lead or asbestos are also considered during our inspection.

Move Furniture

Salvaging your home's furniture is a priority for us. Our team will move your furniture to a safe area, preventing further damage during water damage mitigation.

Inspect Damaged Components

Water and electrical components don’t mix. Our team will identify and resolve issues with electrical components, broken appliances, or damaged flooring exposed to water.

Take Photos

Throughout the process, our technicians will take detailed photos for documentation purposes. This documentation is especially important for property managers and insurance companies.

Remove Water

Upon completing the necessary repairs, we employ high-powered fans and vacuums to extract water from your property.

Clean and Dry

Once we have removed the water, our team will start the cleaning and disinfection process. We use a specially formulated solution to eliminate germs and harmful bacteria from gray or black water damage.

Make Structural Repairs

Finally, we will begin making structural repairs. This involves repairing and reconstructing damaged walls, floors, ceilings, and other affected areas.

We're ready to help.

Whether it’s a single room or entire home or business, the staff at our company delivers the best water damage restoration services in the area. Here are a few reasons why customers trust their homes and businesses to the professional water restoration specialists at Dry Force.

Water Damage Services

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Standing water can cause permanent damage. Act now and let Dry Force prevent the damage from getting worse. Some of the common services we perform are listed below. Select a tile to learn more about the specific service we offer:

Water Damage Services in San Antonio, TX, and Other Locations

Life can feel chaotic amid water damage, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the professionals at Dry Force, we help turn your chaos into calm.

Our team offers services and free water damage estimates for homeowners and commercial properties in the areas of Texas such as Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, Arlington, and Austin. Contact us for an emergency water damage restoration service or assessment and receive your free estimate today.