5 Ways to Respond to a Leaking Garbage Disposal

5 Ways to Respond to a Leaking Garbage Disposal

When your garbage disposal works, it gets rid of food waste efficiently and quickly. However, leaks and other issues can quickly turn convenience into chaos. Leaking water and waste material from the garbage disposal can find its way into the cabinetry under your sink. If your garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom, we have created an outline of how to find a garbage disposal leak to prevent water damage in your kitchen.

Ways to Locate a Garbage Disposal Leak

The first step in fixing your garbage disposal leak is finding its origin. Locate your garbage disposal, which is typically under the sink inside a cabinet. Next, check if water is leaking anywhere under the sink. If it is, look for the rubber gasket that should be around the seam. If it is not there or is damaged, you will need to replace it.

While inspecting the seam, you should also look at drain lines under the sink or garbage disposal. Look for damage around the gaskets and valves and check if there is a clog or kink in the drain that could be causing the leak. If the leak is coming from the top, you must contact a professional plumber as it may be a danger to those in your home or business.

5 Ways to Respond to a Leaking Garbage Disposal

How to Respond to a Garbage Disposal Leak

1. Inspect the Sink Flange

Garbage disposal leaks are sometimes caused by improper connections. Check that your garbage disposal and the drain line are connected to the sink and dishwasher if you have one. If all connections look good, the problem could be excess garbage in the disposal or its main line.

2. Check the Dishwasher Hose

Your garbage disposal and its drain are typically connected by a flexible hose. The hose should attach to your dishwasher drain line. However, it is okay if it connects to other types of garbage disposals as well, so long as it’s not directly connected to the sink drain.

If your garbage disposal is leaking, the source of the issue may be a damaged dishwasher hose. Your solution could be as easy as replacing the hose. To prevent damage in your kitchen, you may need to contact a professional water damage restoration specialist or plumber to fix the broken hose connection.

3. Use the Reset Button

The reset button is located at the disposal flange on a majority of systems. The reset button stops the garbage disposal if it starts making noise or vibrating unexpectedly, usually due to a clog. A leak can occur when debris or food waste gets stuck in it, causing water to seep out. You can help avoid this scenario by ensuring that you’re not putting anything that could jam up your unit, like coffee grounds and eggshells.

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4. Check For a Broken Seal

A rubber gasket helps seal your garbage disposal to prevent leaks. Over time the rubber seal can wear down, leading to water getting out. If your garbage disposal is leaking under your kitchen sink, replace the broken seal to prevent water damage in your cabinet. Is your system continuing to leak after you replace the seal? You may be dealing with a leak from a different part of the garbage disposal.

5. Inspect Your System For Cracks on the Body

One of the easiest ways to spot a leak from your unit is to check it for cracks. Regular use and heavy impacts can damage the bottom of your garbage disposal. If your unit is cracked, you will not be able to fix the leak in your system. You will need to call a certified plumber to install a new disposal.

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