4 Issues Caused By Plumbing Leaks In Your Crawl Space

4 Issues Caused By Plumbing Leaks In Your Crawl Space

For the most part, your crawl space likely goes unnoticed and unchecked for months or even years at a time. It is a part of your home that is easily forgotten until there is an issue, such as a water leak. The plumbing in your crawl space can leak water, causing more damage the longer it is left unaddressed. It can cause several issues with structural components, insulation, and more. Let’s take a look at how plumbing leaks are caused and what you can do to prevent them.

Common Problems Caused By Leaks

1. Damaged Structural Wood

Long-term exposure to water or moisture easily leads to mold, wet rot, and dry rot on structural wood in your crawl space. Signs of damaged structural wood include sagging floors, jammed doors, cracks in drywall, and odd smells.

2. Fiberglass Insulation Deterioration

Fiberglass insulation can absorb moisture due to a plumbing leak in your crawl space. Small to large leaks may cause severe water damage in your home. As moisture is absorbed into the material, the integrity of the insulation deteriorates.

3. Strange Odors

Noticing a strange odor in your home? Before blaming the dog, consider checking your crawl space for mold growth. An unchecked leak or moisture build-up will provide the perfect environment for mold, which can leave the air in your home smelling foul.

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4. Rodents & Pests

A plumbing leak in your crawl space is an invitation to pests and rodents that need shelter with water. Rotting wood also provides a feast for terminates, carpenter ants, and other wood-eating insects.

4 Issues Caused By Plumbing Leaks In Your Crawl Space

3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Plumbing Leaks

Before your crawl space suffers damage from a plumbing leak, take these steps.

1. Crawl Space Floor Drains

Installing a crawl space floor drain will help keep your crawl space dry. This system captures water where the floor and wall joint meet and carries it away from your home.

2. Sump Pump Systems

Sump pumps are designed to prevent flooding in your basement or crawl space by collecting water and pumping it away from your home.

3. Flood Alarms

Imagine knowing exactly when your crawl space floods so you can respond quickly. This is exactly what a flood alarm does. The alarm is designed to help you prevent water damage in your house from a plumbing leak. Some systems can even be connected to your home security, so you are alerted no matter where you are.

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4 Common Causes of Water in a Crawl Space

There are several reasons why water might be in your crawl space, and they all can lead to structural damage and more. Here are four of the most common causes of issues.

1. Poor Grading

Improper grading can lead to water pooling around or entering parts of your home, such as the crawl space. Ensuring there is adequate sloped grading around the foundation can help keep water out. An annual inspection can help you monitor and fix any grading issues before they lead to other problems.

2. Downspouts and Gutter Issues

Leaves and debris that are not cleared from your gutters can easily lead to issues with your downspout. To eliminate the chances of water getting backed up and entering your home, routinely clear your gutters and ensure the downspout is in the correct position. It should be facing away from your home’s foundation with at least a two-foot splash block at the bottom.

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3. Foundation Wall Issues

Your foundation walls can block water, causing it to seep underground. All that water needs is a tiny opening or crack to find its way into your crawl space and cause damage.

4. Underground Drainage Issues

If your underground drains were not designed properly, they can be easily damaged, clogged, or have insufficient slopes. If nothing is done to change this, water will eventually find its way into your crawl space.

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Our Crawlspace Water Restoration Services

You may not use or interact with your crawl space, but that does not mean plumbing leaks can be ignored. If left unchecked, plumbing issues in the crawl space can lead to various problems. Our team of technicians offers reliable crawlspace restoration and repair services to homes and businesses in Texas.

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