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Water Damage Removal Specialists

It’s hard to concentrate when you have experienced water damage. Luckily, you can put it in the past with the help of Dry Force. Our team offers 24/7 emergency water damage mitigation and restoration services for homes and businesses in Hockley, TX. Give our team a call at (877) 589-7504 to receive support.
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Our Water Removal and Restoration Process

When it comes to water removal and restoration, the professionals at Dry Force follow a five-step process. From the initial discovery to documentation, we cover all grounds to ensure a safe environment post-service. Take a look at what you can expect when you contact our team for emergency water damage restoration.

Initial Loss Discovery

Once water loss has been discovered, we will work quickly to shut off the water source, preventing further damage from happening.


Once our team arrives at your property, we will utilize moisture meters, digital thermal cameras, and hammer probes to pinpoint saturated areas behind walls and surfaces.

Equipment Setup

We only use the latest and most efficient equipment on the market, including Dri-Eaz Velo fans. These powerful and eco-friendly fans provide quiet drying capabilities in homes and businesses.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Once we have mitigated and restored your property, we will set up our remote monitoring systems (RMS). These systems take readings every five minutes without requiring us to be on site.


We provide thorough documentation after every water removal and restoration service call. From photos to reports, you can expect start-to-finish documentation for your records.

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Water Extraction Services in Hockley, TX

Once water has infiltrated your property, you need a professional before further damage sets in. Dry Force uses industrial-strength equipment to extract all water and moisture from your space, making sure no chance of mold growth remains.

Our Advantages

Texans trust us as their go-to when water damage strikes. With over two decades of reliable service, our customers have consistently relied on us—and we have no intention of slowing down. Explore the expectations you can have for Dry Force's water damage restoration service:
Burst Pipe

Burst Pipe Cleanup and Restoration Services

Burst pipes can lead to water damage in residential and commercial spaces. If you find a burst pipe, remain calm and reach out to Dry Force professionals. We provide 24/7 emergency water damage restoration and mitigation services to residents and business owners in the local Hockley, TX area.

We address water damage resulting from:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Deteriorated pipes
  • Corroded pipes
  • Supply line breaks
  • More
Roof Leak

Roof Leak Repair and Restoration Services in Hockley, TX

The sound of water dripping from the ceiling is enough to keep you up at night. If you notice water stains forming on your ceiling or see water dripping from an area, it could be a sign of a roof leak. Sometimes roof leaks don’t seem like a big deal, but they can certainly turn into one over time.

  • Rainwater
  • Storm damage
  • Clogged gutters
  • Melted snow
  • More
Houston, TX Wet Insulation Removal and Repair Services

Wet Insulation Removal and Repair Services

A roof leak can lead to wet, damaged, and deteriorated insulation. Your insulation is responsible for keeping your home comfortable and cozy. If it’s wet or damaged, issues like mold growth and bad indoor air quality can crop up. Our team of technicians specialize in the removal, repair, and replacement of wet insulation in Hockley, TX.

Below are a few common issues caused by wet insulation:

  • Structural issues
  • Mold growth
  • Insufficient heating and cooling
  • More
How to Repair Water Damage to Your Drywall & Ceiling

Drywall Water Restoration and Repair Services in Hockley, TX

If water has come in contact with your drywall, issues like mold and structural problems could arise. Saturated drywall will absorb water fast, which means it’s a race against the clock after water damage has occurred. With over two decades of experience, our team has repaired and restored drywall for thousands of homeowners and business owners.

Here are a few signs your drywall has water damage:

  • Musty odors
  • Peeling paint
  • Warped walls
  • Stains or buckling
  • Visible mold growth

Reviews from Our Customers

Based on 1626 reviews
Brian Ousley
Brian Ousley
July 26, 2023.
Ace showed up on time for the consultation and was very professional and friendly. He was very detailed in his inspection. He did not find any water damage. I highly recommend this company.
Elaine Andrepont
Elaine Andrepont
July 26, 2023.
Totally satisfied with DRY FORCE water removal systems. Each and every person that called to schedule appointments or visited my home for removing water were professional. Dry Force, workers upon entering my home showed respect while they they took the time to protect the integrity of my home with politeness, care and consideration for my safety. So pleased with their professionalism, I wholeheartedly recommend Dry Force as your number 1, go to source for your home. I’m extremely happy that my brother recommended Bill & Cody for whom highly recommended Dry Force to me. ELaine Therese Andrepont ETA🌹
Deborah Mullen
Deborah Mullen
July 25, 2023.
Nick W. was very quick and has great customer service!
Court Monroe (Courtbel2011)
Court Monroe (Courtbel2011)
July 25, 2023.
They were amazing! 100% recommend!
greg corley
greg corley
July 23, 2023.
Nick w was thorough in his explanations
David Bader
David Bader
July 22, 2023.
Nick W. Very professional. Explained everything in detail and helped with insurance company. Highly recommended.

Water Damage Services

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Standing water can cause permanent damage. Act now and let Dry Force prevent the damage from getting worse. Some of the common services we perform are listed below. Select a tile to learn more about the specific service we offer:

dry force water removal specialists arrive at home

Enjoy the Local Area While We Respond to Water Damage on Your Property

At Dry Force, we want you to enjoy yourself while we work on restoring your space. This is why we encourage you to check out the local sights. Located just outside of Downtown Houston, Hockley is home to over 50 acres of fun at Oil Ranch. This is a great local attraction for your family to learn the ropes of a rancher. You can take train rides, feed cattle, learn to milk a cow, and more.

Need a date idea? Go back in time at the Showboat Drive-In where you and your loved one can catch a flick before popping over to Jimbo’s Road House. Jam to your favorite local bands, and prove your skills at pool or karaoke.

When you choose to work with our team of professionals to combat water damage in your house, you will have time to enjoy your time off with friends or family. The local Hockley area is a thriving community full of opportunities. Go out and enjoy the local attractions this weekend rather than worrying about water damage on your property.

Water Damage Restoration Services for Homes and Businesses in Hockley, TX

Experiencing a flood, an overflowing toilet, or a burst pipe can derail your plans, leaving you scrambling for help when you least expect to need it. Get the help you need without waiting another business day when you call the emergency dispatch team at Dry Force at (877) 589-7504.

With a fleet of IICRC-certified technicians on call, we can repair and restore the affected area, getting you back on track faster than other water damage restoration companies would. With over 40,000 successful water damage restoration projects under our belts, you can count on Dry Force to get the job done right. Get started today by giving our team a call. We promise to be on your property in 60 minutes or less.