Signs of Water Damage to the Baseboards In Your Home

Signs of Water Damage to the Baseboards In Your Home

Water damage in your home or business might not always be easy to see. Sometimes, you aren’t even aware you have a leak or water on your property until the mold, cracks, or stains appear in various places. The longer the problem is left uncorrected, the worse the damage will be. To avoid paying more than you need to, look out for these signs of baseboard water damage and ways to respond to issues.

How to Find Baseboard Water Damage

Whether it’s the baseboards, ceiling, walls, or floors, water damage usually appears the same way. Look for any discoloration, peeling, or stains. On unpainted wood, it may be a little more difficult to notice. However, issues such as stains or loose paint on your baseboards is a sign of water damage.

Ways to Fix Baseboard Water Damage

If you have some carpentry skills, you should be able to handle fixing a water-damaged baseboard. It could take about 45 minutes or more, depending on your skills and the tools you already have. You will need a putty knife, hammer, pliers, a backsaw, and finish nails to get it done right.

Signs of Water Damage to the Baseboards In Your Home

7 Steps to Replace a Baseboard With Water Damage

1. Make Sure the Wall is Dry

The wall behind the baseboard must be dry before you replace it. Failing to ensure the wall is dry and whatever caused it to be wet in the first place can lead to ongoing problems. If you need assistance removing baseboards with water damage, contact a restoration specialist in your area.

2. Save the Base Shoe

You don’t have to discard the existing base shoe at the bottom of the baseboard. Instead of removing the nail, you can use a nail set to drive a finish nail through the base shoe.

3. Remove the Baseboards

Next, you will need to remove the nails in the baseboards that have water stains or damage.

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4. Measure

Carefully measure 1/16-inch to add to the length and place the molding for a tight fit.

5. Cut the New Baseboards

Before cutting the new baseboards with a backsaw or miter box, ensure you have measured it at least twice. Once you have confirmed the appropriate length, go ahead and cut.

6. Install the Baseboard to the Wall

Now it’s time to get the new baseboard installed. Drill pilot holes and drive the finish nails into the sole plate and glue the outside corners.

7. Install the Base Shoe Molding

If you kept the old shoe molding or purchased new shoe molding, install it at the foot of the baseboard and attach it. Next, drill pilot holes in either the baseboard or floor, but not both.

Water Damage Restoration

Our Water Damage Restoration Services

Do you notice water stains on the baseboards in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room? Our team of professionals offer dependable water damage restoration services in Richardson, TX and other areas. Give our technicians a call at (877) 589-7504 to schedule an appointment. Our restoration specialists can help with issues such as water leaks or flooding on your property.

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