How to Respond to a Flooded Crawl Space

How to Respond to a Flooded Crawl Space

Out of all the nooks and crannies in your home, the crawl space might be the one you think about the least. This space between your home and the ground can be a great place for storage or ventilation and wiring. When everything in your home is running smoothly, it can be easy to forget about the crawl space. However, after a storm or water accident, a crawl space can flood and lead to rotting frames and potential mold growth.

If you have a flooded crawl space, call on a professional water damage restoration technician. They will clean your crawl space and dry it out so you can breathe easy once more. Here is what you can expect from a restoration services professional.

Ways to Dry Out a Crawl Space

Start With Clean Up

After you contact a water damage restoration company, start by stopping the water at the source. In cases of a burst or leaking pipe, shutting off the main water valve may prevent additional water from entering the flooded crawl space.

While you may not be able to stop every type of flood, the sooner water stops coming into your crawl space the sooner it can be dried. If you are unsure of what caused the flood your technician can help find the root cause. Once the water has stopped flowing and your technician has arrived on-site, they will begin the cleanup process in the crawl space. This process includes:

Removing the Water

The process of removing water from your flooded crawl space can be accomplished by using a wet-vac or industrial-grade pump. The type of water extraction equipment your technician will use depends on the amount of water in the crawl space.

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Removing Any Materials

The last step in the cleanup process is to remove all materials affected by the flood. Certain items may be salvageable, but others like insulation may have to be thrown out.

Dry Out the Crawl Space

All wet materials will need to be removed before a restoration specialist can dry out the crawl space. Your technician will ensure that water is not still entering the crawl space. Next, industrial-grade fans will be used to dry the crawl space.

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Disinfect and Deodorize the Crawl Space

After a flood, it’s important to both disinfect and deodorize the space to prevent future mold growth. Your water damage removal technician will use advanced disinfectant and deodorizing technology to ensure your newly cleaned crawl space stays clean.

If smells remain long after the flood, sprinkle baking soda around the crawl space. After a few hours, vacuum the baking soda.


Crawl Space Water Restoration Services From Dry Force

Our team of technicians offer dependable crawl space restoration services for homes in your area. In addition, our contractors provide exceptional water damage restoration solutions in Houston, TX and other areas. We offer 60-minute or less response times for emergencies. Our technicians are available 24/7. No matter when you need help, we are just a call away. Whether your crawl space was flooded due to a sewer leak, drain leak, or natural source flooding, our IICRC-certified technicians will work to get your property back in shape. Restore your flooded crawl space to its pre-damaged condition and get your peace of mind back. Schedule an appointment for a flooded crawl space online or by calling (877) 589-7504.

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