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Flood Damage Restoration Solutions

For over 13 years, Dry Force has been the top water damage restoration company for residents and business owners in Sugar Land, TX for high-level restoration and mitigation. When unpredictable moments spin into insane situations, contact Dry Force. We Turn Chaos Into Calm™.

Once you call Dry Force for a free evaluation, our technicians will arrive within 60 minutes to assess your property. Next, our certified specialists will use industrial applications to dry, sanitize, and make sure harmful bacteria is removed from your living space. We’re a trustworthy company that prioritizes customer service, timely repairs, and quality assurance.

While we spend the day restoring your property, enjoy everything the Sweetest City in Texas has to offer. Venture to the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land and have an adventure that’s out of this world. Afterward, head to the Sugar Land Town Square and grab lunch or dinner at Guru Burgers & Bowls.

The technicians at Dry Force offer innovative flood and water damage restoration services to homeowners and facility operators in Sugar Land, TX. We will restore your home to its pre-loss condition. We pride ourselves on being there for Sugar Land residents when you need us the most. Contact our trained water damage specialists at (877) 753-5650. We’re available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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Storm Damage Water Restoration Services

Texans are subject to some of the worst natural disasters in the country. When storm damage threatens the safety and security of your living area, get in touch with a full-service storm water damage restoration company that cares about your health and well-being.

Depending on where you live in Texas, you’ll experience one or all of these natural disasters:

Overflowing Levees


After a serious storm or natural disaster, rely on an experienced water damage restoration company to restore your home in Sugar Land, TX. We arrive within 60 minutes of your call and take proper safety precautions before entering your living space or establishment. Once we source the cause of damages, we’ll develop a plan to begin restoring your home. For any and everything related to mitigation and restoration, Dry Force is the one to call. 

Revive Your Sugar land Property With Dry Force

Top 5 Signs Of a Slab Leak in Your Living Space

Slab leaks are difficult to detect because they’re housed under the concrete of your home. There are, however, a few ways you can detect a malfunction before the water damage gets out of hand. If you suspect your home has a slab leak, the five suggestions listed below will tell you exactly what to look for.

High Water Bills

Under normal circumstances, your utility bills will rise and dip according to the season. However, if you’ve seen a sudden spike without altering the usage of water in your home, it can indicate a leak. Leaks cause water to run nonstop, which is why the increased water bill would seemingly come out of nowhere. If you’ve checked the major appliances and faucets and are still unable to locate a leak inside your home, contact a serviceman to evaluate your slabs.


Reduced Water Pressure

Any type of water leak, large or small, will prevent the maximum amount of water from traveling throughout your plumbing system. You’ll usually notice a decrease in shower or faucet water pressure. We provide dependable slab leak maintenance and water damage restoration services to homes and businesses in Sugar Land, TX. Prior to calling our team of technicians, test your water pressure in several areas. Make sure all water-dependent appliances are off and no other faucets are running. If you still have low water pressure, you may have a slab leak.

Warm Spots On Your Floor

You’re probably not sure how warm floors could help you discover a slab leak but hear us out. Nearly 80% of all slab leaks happen in the hot water line. This means if you’re unaware your home has a leak, chances are warm floors could give it away. 


Damaged Flooring

One of the more obvious signs of a slab leak is wet or damp flooring. If you have wet or warped floors and haven’t spilled anything, contact a professional for immediate water damage restoration services. If not addressed right away saturated carpet and hardwood floors may lead to mildew, mold, and other expensive repairs.

Strange Odors

Water under your floors will begin to make your home smell. This will be a musky odor that lingers no matter how often you air out your residence. If you can’t visibly see water damage but sense possible mold and mildew growth, contact a trusted mold removal specialist on our team to receive reliable flood and water damage restoration services and an evaluation for a potential slab leak. Without proper restoration services, mold can spread from underneath your home to every surface inside it. Trust your nose. If it smells like mold, it probably is. 
Water Damage

Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

Plumbing water damage requires immediate and swift action. If you’re exposed to toxins and high amounts of bacteria due to issues with your sewage system, contact our team by phone at (877) 753-5650. Our staff offers water damage restoration services in Sugar Land, TX for various types of issues such as plumbing overflows, sewage backups, or leaks. Sewage and water backups will need to be handled by a trustworthy company that will restore your property accurately and honestly.

Do you suspect your sewage line is deteriorating or broken? Review our list and see if you are experiencing one or more of these issues: 

Sewage Blockages

Sewage Gas Odors

Mold Growth

Slow Drainage

Patches of Lush Grass

Foundation Cracks


Septic Waste in Yard

Rodent Problems

Dry Force is certified, experienced, licensed, bonded, and insured. We’ve built a reputable business because we prioritize customer satisfaction, integrity, and compassion. When your commercial or residential property has a sewage emergency, call professionals at Dry Force.

Revive Your Sugar land Property With Dry Force

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Water Damage Services

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Standing water can cause permanent damage. Act now and let Dry Force prevent the damage from getting worse. Some of the common services we perform are listed below. Select a tile to learn more about the specific service we offer:

Why Homeowners in Sugar Land, TX Choose Dry Force

- 24/7 emergency assistance
- 60-minute response times
- Upfront pricing, no hidden fees
- Industry-leading moisture extraction technology
- Superior customer service

- Advanced dehumidification and sanitization processes
- Assistance filing your insurance claim
- 100% satisfaction guaranteed
- IICRC certified technician

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Brian Ousley
Brian Ousley
July 26, 2023.
Ace showed up on time for the consultation and was very professional and friendly. He was very detailed in his inspection. He did not find any water damage. I highly recommend this company.
Elaine Andrepont
Elaine Andrepont
July 26, 2023.
Totally satisfied with DRY FORCE water removal systems. Each and every person that called to schedule appointments or visited my home for removing water were professional. Dry Force, workers upon entering my home showed respect while they they took the time to protect the integrity of my home with politeness, care and consideration for my safety. So pleased with their professionalism, I wholeheartedly recommend Dry Force as your number 1, go to source for your home. I’m extremely happy that my brother recommended Bill & Cody for whom highly recommended Dry Force to me. ELaine Therese Andrepont ETA🌹
Deborah Mullen
Deborah Mullen
July 25, 2023.
Nick W. was very quick and has great customer service!
Court Monroe (Courtbel2011)
Court Monroe (Courtbel2011)
July 25, 2023.
They were amazing! 100% recommend!
greg corley
greg corley
July 23, 2023.
Nick w was thorough in his explanations
David Bader
David Bader
July 22, 2023.
Nick W. Very professional. Explained everything in detail and helped with insurance company. Highly recommended.