5 Signs You Have Water Damage In Your Foundation

5 Signs You Have Water Damage In Your Foundation

Just as the roof of your home keeps you protected from the weather, your foundation also plays a vital role in keeping you safe. The foundation insulates your home and supports it from the elements and movement from the ground underneath. Without a properly built or maintained foundation, you may encounter severe water damage and other types of issues on your property.

One factor that can contribute to foundation damage is water. Both groundwater and flooding can damage your foundation and leave your home with costly structural issues. How can you know if you have foundation water damage? Simply pay attention to the following five water damage signs.

Indicators Of Water Damage

Sometimes water damage is obvious. Other times, the signs are more subtle. Here are five things you should watch for to help determine whether you have foundation water damage.

1. Cracks

Cracks in your foundation can be caused by water damage. Existing cracks allow water to seep into the foundation, which can cause damage. In addition, water can stress an undamaged foundation and form cracks. Foundational cracks can range from minor repairs to more significant fixes but are important to watch out for since they negatively impact the integrity of your home.

2. Bad Smells

If you smell something musty but cannot find the culprit, it could be coming from your foundation. Mold or mildew growth in the foundation can result in foul smells sneaking into your home.

5 Signs You Have Water Damage In Your Foundation

3. Stained Walls

Water that finds its way into concrete and dries leaves behind mineral stains. This appears as discoloration on the walls. If stains have appeared on carpeting or wallpaper, that is a sign that the water has found its way through the foundation entirely.

4. Moisture

If the foundation is damp, water damage is not too far behind. If you discover moisture on the walls, act fast to properly dry the affected area and prevent future mold growth.

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5. Mold Growth

Gray, white, or green fuzzy spots on the walls are an indication of mold growth. Mold grows in damp places and can grow as quickly as 24 to 48 hours after water damage. Mold growth on your foundation can lead to structural damage and needs to be addressed immediately.

5 Signs You Have Water Damage In Your Foundation

Preventing Future Water Damage

Now that you are familiar with the signs of foundation water damage, what should you do if you discover damage? Here are four tips you can follow to prevent future damage to your foundation.

1. Keep Your Foundation Dry

The best way to prevent further damage is to keep your foundation dry. Pipes should be checked for any leaks, and if a leak is discovered, it should be repaired immediately. Measures should be taken to prevent rainfall from getting into the foundation.

5 Signs You Have Water Damage In Your Foundation

2. Enhance Drainage

One way to prevent rainfall from getting into your foundation is to improve the drainage outside of your home. Broken or cracked gutters can prevent water from properly flowing away from your home. Also, inspect the slope of your yard. If the yard does not slope away from your home, water can pool at the base of your property and cause water damage.

3. Install a Sump Pump

Another way to prevent future foundation damage is to install a sump pump. Sump pumps remove water once it reaches a certain level in a basement or crawlspace. The water is then pumped away from the home.

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4. Fix Any Cracks

Any foundation cracks, whether the cause of the damage or a result of it, should be fixed. This will need to be done by a professional as it involves specialized equipment, and you want to ensure the job is done right to preserve the structural integrity of your home.

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