Can a Water and Slab Leak Cause Severe Foundation Problems?

5 Signs You Have Water Damage In Your Foundation

Water leaks, no matter where they are in your home or business, can be destructive. Leaks can cause deterioration, mold, and skyrocketing water bills. While water damage to your cabinets or flooring can be seen relatively easily, a water leak near your foundation can be hard to detect.

This is why it’s important for homeowners and business owners to carefully inspect their property for signs of damage. If left unchecked, a water slab leak can lead to other damage and costs for repair. Here is what you should be looking for and how to respond to a water leak in your foundation.

What Is a Slab Leak?

A majority of homes and buildings are built on a slab foundation. This foundation supports the weight of the structure, making it stable. Over time, cracks may form in the foundation due to a mild water leak from damaged water pipes, inadequate construction, or poor landscaping drainage.

While these cracks in the foundation may not seem like a big deal, ignoring them can lead to major issues. As water seeps into the foundation cracks, the slab becomes weaker. Eventually, the slab will give out, causing your home to sink and slide into the ground. When that happens, you can expect to pay high costs for repairs.

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Signs of a Water Leak in Your Home

According to the EPA, around 10% of US homes waste nearly 90 gallons of water daily because of water leaks. That is not only a lot of wasted water but wasted money. So what can you do to detect signs of water leaks in your home or office? One way is to actively search for signs of water leaks, like listening for the sound of running water around your plumbing fixtures.

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Another way to detect possible water leaks near your slab foundation is to check your water meter. First, turn all faucets and showers off in your home. Next, go to your water meter to see if it indicates water flow. If the meter is showing usage patterns when your water is off, you may have a leak that you cannot see beneath the ground.

If you’re still unsure if you’re dealing with a water leak, look out for these signs as well:

  • Damp or soggy floor
  • Foul odors
  • Visible mold
  • Vertical and horizontal wall cracks
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Low water pressure

Responding to Damaged Slab Foundations

Once you know you’re dealing with a water leak in the foundation, you should act fast. The longer you take to address foundation problems or water leaks, the worse the damage will be. You should first contact a professional water removal and restoration service company. Our team will help you understand the issue, what you can do about it, and what your next steps should be. When it comes time to contact your homeowner’s insurance provider, we will help you file a claim.

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Slab Leak Detection & Restoration Services

Water can severely damage your home or office, whether it’s a leaky pipe or a water slab leak. Before a foundation leak can cause any more damage to your home or wallet, call our team of professionals by phone at (877) 589-7504. Our team of technicians provide innovative slab leak detection services for homes and commercial organizations.

Don’t ignore problems with your foundation. Putting off repairs, maintenance, or inspections can cost you more in the long run. Our contractors provide exceptional water and flood damage restoration services in San Antonio, TX and other areas. In addition, we offer other types of restoration solutions such as storm damage repair, burst pipe maintenance, roof leak repair, and sewer backup cleanup. Our team is committed to helping you prevent mild to severe water damage in your living space or office.

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