5 Common Reasons Why Your Bathtub Is Leaking Water

5 Common Reasons Why Your Bathtub Is Leaking Water

Whether you are a shower person or prefer a slow and relaxing soak, there is no doubt that your bathtub gets a lot of use. However, your bathtub can garner a large amount of wear and tear over the years. The more you use your bathtub, the more you might start to notice chips or cracks. If your bathtub is leaking water, there are a variety of ways to respond. To help you prevent water damage in your house, we have created an outline of the top causes of bathtub leaks and what you can do about it.

Top Causes of Bathtub Leaks and Ways to Respond

Most modern bathtubs are made of synthetic materials that are susceptible to developing cracks and pits. Heavy objects falling in your bathtub can also contribute to pits worsening over time. Although fissures are not the only culprits of a leaky bathtub.

Below are five common reasons why your bathtub is leaking, including how to respond.

1. Leaking Faucets

Leaking faucets are among the most common culprits of bathtub issues. They are also the easiest issue to fix. Leaking faucets aren’t just an annoyance. The constant drip of water can lead to bigger water bills and bigger areas of corrosion. Oftentimes, a leaking faucet can be resolved with a simple rubber washer replacement. If your faucet is still leaking after replacing the rubber washer, you might need the entire faucet replaced.

2. Grouting Issues

Is your shower grouting not what it was cracked up to be? If your grout is wearing out, the spray from your shower could be getting behind the grout. When this happens, water will run down the back of your grouting and onto your floor.

Although this might look like a huge issue, it’s easy to fix. All you have to do is a simple regrouting project. When you regrout your tiles, mix the grout equally with silicone caulking for a stronger barrier between the water.

5 Common Reasons Why Your Bathtub Is Leaking Water

3. Damaged Drains

Have you ever run the faucet in your tub just to find a puddle of water accumulating on your floor? If your bathtub is leaking water from underneath itself, this is a sign of a damaged drain.

Unless you are confident in your plumbing abilities or are a plumber yourself, a damaged or leaking drain should be fixed by the hands of an experienced plumber. At the end of the day, it’s best not to mess with your plumbing system, otherwise, you could worsen the problem.

4. Bathtub Cracks

Cracks in your bathtub can be obvious. Although cracks can also be pretty inconspicuous, too. Bathtub cracks can be as small as a hairline. When you suspect that your bathtub is leaking, fill the tub with a small amount of water and turn off the faucet.

Watch closely for any spots where it looks like the water is being sucked down. If you happen to find a suspicious crack or notice any water collecting around your tub, call a professional to prevent water damage and mold growth in your bathroom.

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5. Defective Overflow Pipe

The final possible cause could be a defective overflow pipe. The overflow pipe is connected to the overflow drain, which is designed to collect and drain any excess water from your bathtub. Usually, a defective overflow pipe is a result of a bad washer.

These washers can dry out or crack with age. However, overflow pipe washers are not as simple to replace as faucet washers. If you need your overflow pipe washer replaced, we recommend calling a licensed plumber. Plumbing issues can happen when you least expect them to.

What Causes a Crack in a tub?

Modern bathtubs are not as strong as their stainless steel and porcelain-coated cast iron ancestors. Most bathtubs today are made of fiberglass or acrylic, which can collect chips, cracks, pits, and dents over time.

Mild to severe bathtub leaks can be caused by poor weight distribution, the force of fallen heavy objects, improver tub installation, or abrasive household cleaners. Don’t ignore your cracked bathtub. A crack can always grow into a larger problem.

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